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10/29/08 11:37 PM #3    

Richard Jackson

It is so good to hear form you. I look forward to working with you and everyone else to make our 40th one of the best. I will be in touch. I do need emails of several of the kids, so if you have any of them in your contact list, please help me out.

I am looking forward to seeing those mean old longhorns come to Lubbock this weekend. It will be a good game, I hope.

Tell Jay I said hi. I will be in touch. Bye,


10/31/08 10:26 AM #4    

Jerral Seale

Hey, Richard & Jeanne,Hope everything is well with y'all.

Let me know what I could do to help.

I have no e-mail adresses to contribute.

Later, Jerral

11/11/08 09:39 PM #5    

Jeanne Damron (Carpenter)

We are still in shock about how poorly UT played against Tech - but, it's just a game, right?

Looking forward to seeing everyone.


11/11/08 09:57 PM #6    

Jeanne Damron (Carpenter)

I had no idea that you lived in Buda. Did you know that Susan Thornton also lives there?

Also, great picture of you, Jerral and David having a few.


02/28/09 11:05 PM #7    

Alex Catoe

Sounds great! Let us know what we can do to help.

Alex and Linda

03/24/09 11:34 AM #8    

Cindy Hopson (Lilley)

Hi All,

Looking forward to the reunion. I'll be glad to help. Do we know when this might take place?


04/22/09 07:39 AM #9    

Debi Musick (Deiterman)

Hey everyone; I am really looking forward to seeing all of you but the 4th of July weekend just won't work for us. Hope you can find another date

04/27/09 12:55 AM #10    

Billy Mays

Richard the 4th works for us but I can see how some people may have plans for that weekend. I think Amarillo or Lubbock would be good. Bill

04/28/09 10:53 AM #11    

David Bellinghausen

Richard, the 4th of July weekend is good for me to attend our class reunion. Lubbock will work for me. Keep in touch with me about the reunion.

David Bellinghausen

05/06/09 10:21 PM #12    

Daniel Garza

Just a note to meditate on as the class of 69 approaches its 40th anniversary. Due to the number of classmates that we have lost over the years; would it be feasible to have a moral support group (class of 69) to help the loved ones that are left behind? Or; is there one already set up? Any ideas out there? Thanks.

05/07/09 11:51 AM #13    

James Lee Welch

Riichard thanks for the web site. was looking at all the class and can't rember all these old people. but sure liike to see them again.James Welch

05/11/09 12:05 PM #14    

Cindy Hopson (Lilley)

My sons Rodney and Todd, the McDaniel family and I would like to thank everyone for their kind expressions of sympathy in our loss of Fox. Thanks to those who came to the service,sent cards, memorials, everything is so appreciated.

Our love and gratitude.


06/18/09 05:15 PM #15    

Durward (Butch) Strickland

Thanks to all for the birthday greetings. Richard, I will let you know soon about attending the reunion. I am having to rearrange some things on my calendar. Hope to see you there if not before.

07/20/09 10:00 AM #16    

Cindy Hopson (Lilley)

Richard please keep us posted on Carter and his condition. Thanks Cindy

08/19/09 02:53 PM #17    

Durward (Butch) Strickland

Hey Richard,
Just a note to say that we will be attending the reunion. I'll mail you a check tomorrow.

09/11/09 12:12 PM #18    

Donna Coody (McIntosh)

There is a Danny Goolsby in Sunray, Texas

09/28/09 07:59 PM #19    

Jimmy White

To: Richard,Janice,Nell,Debbie and Cindy thanks so much for putting this reunion togrther..I want to say Charlene and I absolute with out no doubt had one of the best time of our life's at the reunion.Talk about priceless, The Dimmitt Class of 69 reunion was definitely priceless..It was so great to see everyone, well may there was one I didn't care to see and he was lucky he had teeth when he left...Other wise I was very proud to be elected the class clown..I've always felt like a good down deep gut wrenching whole hearted laugh never hurt anyone and sure helps break the ice.If any one who went to the Class of 69 reunion didn't have as much fun as Charlene and I had then I really feel sorry for you ..Hope every one got home safe.. and let's see some pictures ,,, O Yeah Hey Woody could you speak up a little next time I don't think anyone could hear ya...

09/29/09 03:08 AM #20    

Mike Bell

Hi everyone,
I posted the pictures I took on my profile page. I know I didn't get pictures of everyone and I apologize for that. Maybe someone else will have more. Also, some of the pictures I took on Friday evening didn't come out very well. Can't imagine how that could have happened.

Thanks again to all who worked so hard to make the reunion a success. It was great!

09/29/09 12:07 PM #21    

Daniel Garza

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this reunion possible. After 40yrs of not seeing many of you, it was a blessing to see you. My wife and I could not make it to the evening function due to mom's care, however, having spent a short time with you after so long was well worth the moment. I will keep all of you and your family in my prayers always. Again, thanks for the memories. God Bless.

09/29/09 10:02 PM #22    

Don Ott

To all my classmates/friends who made our reunion so enjoyable- Thanks again for a great time. There is never enough time to catch up on each others lives, families, in such a short time. Just watching everyone greet, hug, and laugh was such a blessing.
Sherry and I had a great time and look forward to renewed friendships in the future.

09/30/09 08:37 AM #23    

Linda Bradley (Catoe)

And a good time was had by all....Wow, what fun! Alex and I want to thank Richard, Janice and Gantt for all their hard work on multiple projects, Nell and Cindy for their decorating, Debi for the name tags, Darla for doing the memorial video, for Debi, Darla and Sharon manning the registration table and Kay for getting the cakes done in Dimmitt and delivered to the reunion. A special thanks to all our classmates that came and made our reunion so much fun! I don't believe I've ever heard so much laughing! If you missed Robert playing the school song on the saw with Alex directing us...well, you just should have been there. Jim and David - my sides are still hurting. You guys are crazy! I'm already looking forward to the next one. Love ya'll!

10/08/09 09:40 AM #24    

Cindy Hopson (Lilley)

A little slow in postng, but I want to add my thanks to Richard, Janice, Gant, Linda, Debi, Darla, Sharon B. Nell, Kay, for the work you did getting our reunion together. Yes, I laughed til my sides hurt. a merry heart does good like a medicine, Jim you are shot in the arm. It was great seeing everyone and renewing friendships. Gant thanks for being the designated driver, and taking on the job of getting us rounded up and where we were suppose to be...I know it was kinda like herding chickens.LOL Of course you,ve been married to Janice for a while and I know you have had plenty of practice.

Ya know what they say about time flying when you'er having fun, well I guess I was having a blast, it was over before I knew it and I hadn't gotten to visit with everyone, so keep updating your info and stay in touch.

03/24/10 12:03 AM #25    

Linda Langford (Chehati)

Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday with many more to come!

Linda Langford Chehati

04/10/10 01:13 AM #26    

Jimmy White

Big fishing trip coming up...Hope I can hold up..has any body ever died from laughing to hard????

02/19/19 09:18 PM #27    

Mary Helen Acevedo (Flores)

Richard would love to go but October would be better for me you see i am on School Board and we usually have our yearly conference in the later part of September.  thank you hopefully i will be able to attend.  love to see everyone.  

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